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Jo loves the streets of Montmartre and to dress up for the night cabarets. But she also enjoys to get her hand on earth taking care of her garden, to look at her dirty nails, her cabbages and gossiping with the neighbours.
She lives between Paris and Murtosa. At 14, she ran away from home so she could be her true self: she wanted to live, not yet knowing this would mean an endless struggle.

If she could go back, would she do it all over again? No.

“Reaching the age of 50 and being able to say “I am myself”, as if it was a consolation, i think it’s too little. I think i deserved more.”


In 2015, Bagabaga Studios produced Midnight Tea, a documentary about the life of Jó Bernardo.
It premiered at XV Encontros de Cinema festival, Viana do Castelo, in May of that year and later in September it received the Audience Award for the best short film at QueerLisboa19.

The World of Jó resurfaces as the adaptation of this documentary to a journalistic format.
A multimedia narrative, co-produced by DIVERGENTE and Público newspaper, which in addition to the original footage includes unpublished content produced between 2016 and 2017.


Sibila Lind


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