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Who We Are


DIVERGENTE is a digital magazine of narrative journalism created in 2014. We believe in the power of stories to convey complex themes. We view journalism as a tool to scrutinize power structures, capable of contributing to a more active citizenry. DIVERGENTE is a nonprofit and does not accept advertisements.


Why divergent?


DIVERGENTE was created by a group of people who believe that a journalism that defends is possible: one that goes deeper, gives more context and encourages wider debate.

We demand the time to think in order to unveil the silences of the contemporary world. We value accuracy over speed, offering a counterpoint to the logic of immediacy of traditional newsrooms. We assume a slower rhythm.

We portray subjects of public interest that tend to be underrepresented in the media. We want to provide a platform for those voices who are not usually heard. We are proponents of a journalism which asks questions and challenges perspectives, not which presents itself as the holder of truth.

We start by listening and going to meet the people at the center of the issues we address. Only then do we map out other sources and plot a more detailed course for investigation. We want to bring greater balance to the voices heard in the media and to reduce the distance between the work of journalists and the people they portray.

All of our work is the result of long and rigorous questioning processes. We bring journalists, designers, and programmers to the same table to find the formats and language — whether text, audio or image — that best express the stories we want to tell.

We reject polarizing approaches that reduce reality to simplistic readings. It is in the gray areas that we find answers. Through personal stories, we promote understanding, and we establish links.

The results are intensely visual, often non-linear, multimedia narratives. Those who watch, read and listen to our work get to see other realities up close.

One of our objectives is to bring journalism closer to the people and to promote public discussions outside the walls of the newsroom, in direct contact with citizens.

We want to reach a wider audience. To that end, we adapt our work to different formats to be made available in other media (radio, television, print).

In recent years, we have collaborated with Público, Diário de Notícias, RTP África, SIC — Portugal;  STV and Savana — Moçambique; and PRI — US. 

If you would like to become a part of our network of partners, contact us:


Our Team


Diogo Cardoso, journalist, diogocardoso[at]

In addition to being a journalist with DIVERGENTE, he has been a freelance visual storyteller since 2014 and works mainly with water sports. Diogo is part of Bagabaga’s narrative project team and is a member of the cooperative’s governing bodies.

Luciana Maruta, journalist, lucianamaruta[at]

Luciana worked as a journalist and communications consultant at the audiovisual production company PGM — Projectos Globais de Media. In addition to being a journalist for DIVERGENTE, Luciana is part of Bagabaga’s narrative team.

Patrícia Alves, communication, patricia.alves[at]

Patrícia worked for seven years as a journalist and four years at the agency Plot Content. While at Plot Content, Patrícia had several private health care providers as clients.

Sofia da Palma Rodrigues, journalist, sofiapalmarodrigues[at]

Before becoming a journalist at DIVERGENTE, she worked as a freelancer for several Portuguese media companies. She is part of Bagabaga’s narrative team and is a member of the cooperative’s governing bodies. She also occasionally participates in academic research projects.




We contend that total media transparency is key to restoring confidence in journalism.

DIVERGENTE is an editorial project of Bagabaga, a multimedia production cooperative that challenges the conventional boundaries of documentary film, design and journalism. Bagabaga covers part of the logistical costs for DIVERGENTE, but our financial management is completely independent.

We are a nonprofit, we do not accept advertisements or support that comes with pre-established conditions. We protect against any interference in our editorial policy.

How do we finance ourselves?

We seek the means to work in accordance with our beliefs through:


Editorial Statement


  1. DIVERGENTE is a digital magazine of narrative and investigative journalism that favors multimedia formats.
  2. DIVERGENTE is a nonprofit and does not accept advertisements.  
  3. DIVERGENTE believes in the strength of stories to convey complex themes.
  4. DIVERGENTE advocates for journalistic transparency and clearly indicates who does the work and who finances it. 
  5. DIVERGENTE demands the time to think and the space necessary to unveil the silences of the contemporary world — favoring accuracy over speed.
  6. DIVERGENTE gives space to stories and unveils the silences — presenting topics of public interest, which tend to be underrepresented in the mass media. 
  7. DIVERGENTE investigates socially relevant topics — going in-depth, peeling back layers, and putting different perspectives in dialogue. 
  8. DIVERGENTE is guided by criteria of independence, accuracy, pluralism, transparency and creativity. 
  9. DIVERGENTE rejects any kind of discrimination, including based on race, color, sex, language, religion, or political opinion.
  10. DIVERGENTE is not blindly committed to neutrality or impartiality when human dignity or any other value fundamental to life in society is at stake.
  11. DIVERGENTE depends on the work of a multidisciplinary team, subject to a process of questioning, fact-checking and review.




Owner/Publisher: : Bagabaga Studios, CRL 

NIPC: 510672531 

ERC registration number: 126622 

Frequency: Anual

Director: Diogo Cardoso 

Executive Editor: Sofia da Palma Rodrigues 

Headquarters and Newsroom: Rua de Arroios, 25 C, 1150 – 053 Lisboa – PORTUGAL